February 9, 2016

Vision & Goals


A vibrant community working together to improve our local economy and environment through sustainable practices

Near Term (2015-2016)

  • Catalog past achievements
  • Approve updated By-laws
  • Host a grant info/writing workshop
  • Create a liaison position/committee to partner with Grayson County
  • Develop Land Stewardship project for small business startup
  • Reevaluate Save Green Expo
  • Partner with New River Wildlife and Conservancy Club on their annual river clean up
  • Find avenues to educate the community about the need to protect our valuable natural resources
  • 10% Growth in active membership
  • Develop succession plan for organization (train back-ups, possibly hire admin help)
  • Approve and promote new logo and new brochure
  • Increase visibility in the community through PR and Social Media
  • More participation on committees, of both members and non-members
  • Film Series

Long Term (2016-2020)

  • Develop PSA program about local foods, healthy living
  • Grow the Farmer’s Market
  • Membership doubled
  • Participate in an International Landcare event
  • Slaughterhouse initiative complete
  • Two Land Stewardship competition winners in business
  • Formally partner w/ Farmers Veterans Coalition (FVC)
  • More citizens growing food
  • Establish market support for non-timber forestry products
  • Facilitate establishment of torrefaction plant
  • Initiate annual New Riverfest (annual cleanup and concert)
  • Quality monthly programs run by committees