February 2, 2016

Entry Form for the Land Stewardship Competition

Participants must submit this entry form by March 29th, 2018.  If you have questions, email Harriet Meinecke at hhmeinecke@gmail.com

Students will present their project and compete for cash awards at the Land Stewardship Fair on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. We will award the following amounts based on how well projects meet the criteria outlined in the information packet: first ($1,000), second ($500), and third ($250) place as well as up to five honorable mentions ($50).

Projects can be done as an individual or team. If entering as a team, please list the names, schools, and grades of all team members and provide contact information for one person who will handle communications for your team.

Please download, print, and have your parent/guardian sign this release form. Be sure to bring the signed form to submit at the competition.

Project Title*
Participant Names:*
Please provide a detailed description of the project including steps needed for completing the project(1)*
Clearly explain the projects benefits to the livelihoods, the environment, and the quality of life in our community(1)*
Please cite literature or personal research to make a case for the project*
Discuss some of the challenges of implementing the project*
How did you find out about the competition?

For any questions about the entry process or if you do not receive an email confirmation letting you know that your entry form was successfully submitted, please contact Harriet Meinecke at hhmeinecke@gmail.com or 276-233-5213.