February 2, 2016

LandCare Fair Application

Participants must submit this entry form by March 24th, 2023.  If you have questions, email director@graysonlandcare.org

Students will be notified by April 3rd if their projects are selected to be presented at the LandFair.

The top projects will be presented and compete for cash awards at the LandFair on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 at the GATE Center, in Independence, VA.

Please download, print, and have your parent/guardian sign this release form. Be sure to email the signed form for each group member to director@graysonlandcare.org before the March 24th deadline.

The LandFair Application has been designed to simulate a grant request.  Students should complete each section within the maximum word count stated.

Each section is required and will be judged by members of the GLC Competition Committee. Scores will determine which projects are selected to present at the LandFair. This score will also be taken into account by the judges in evaluating the different projects at the Competition.

Your topic should be presented as an open-ended question or statement such as “How can we develop a profitable and sustainable local business growing and selling ginseng?” or “Developing a profitable and sustainable ginseng business in Grayson County.” We encourage students to explore relevant literature and other sources (books, articles, websites) to inform their report and also to reach out to experts in their topic area. Some participants may find it helpful to conduct their own investigation, including personal interviews,
in the community or on the farm.

Project Title*
Participant Names:*
Executive Summary

In less than 150 words, Summarize your proposed project.  Describe the community's need for the project, its purpose, goals, expected outcomes, and a timeline for completing all activities.

Executive Summary: 150 Words or less*
Background & Objectives

In the following fields, detail the project Background & Objectives.  Include details and answer the following questions:

  • What is the situation/condition that your project addresses?
  • How will the project improve the identified situation/condition?
  • Describe how this project will develop, improve, and expand opportunities, outreach, training, and technical assistance in your community?
  • What are the project objectives (please list at least 3)?
Project Background: 300 Words or less*
Project Objectives: 300 words or less*
Project Work Plan 
  • List and describe each planned activity including how it relates to the project objectives
  • Anticipated date of completion         
  • Resources required to complete each activity          
  • Who will do the work?
Project Work Plan: 300 words or less*
Project Challenges

Discuss some of the challenges the project might face and how you could overcome them.

Project Challenges: 300 words or less*

Cite literature or personal research to make a case for the project

Cite Literature: 300 words or less*
Expected Outcomes & Measures of Success

Detail the expected outcomes of the project.

  • If the project completes its objectives, what results will be observed?
  • Who are the intended beneficiaries?

Determine how will you evaluate the project benefits.  

  • Using quantitative metrics, provide measures of success for each of the project's objectives. 
  • Examples: 
  • The project will employ 15 full-time workers
  • The project will divert 400 tons of recyclable materials from the landfill
  • The project will provide services to 100 community members

Expected Outcomes: 300 words or less*
Measures of Success: 300 words or less*
How did you find out about the competition?

For any questions about the entry process or if you do not receive an email confirmation letting you know that your entry form was successfully submitted, please contact director@graysonlandcare.org

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