February 20, 2020

Mini Grants

To encourage members with strong interests to be able to start a new project, we came up with the idea of giving them some seed funding (a “mini-grant”) to help them get it off the ground. If a member wants to work on an issue that fits with our mission and if at least 2 other people are willing to work on it, they can complete a simple application to ask for a one-time mini-grant from the Grayson LandCare budget. They will need to specify expected outcomes, specific goals, and how the money will be used. All applications for a mini-grant should be submitted to the Grant Committee Chair (the Treasurer) by e-mail prior to March 1st of each year. The maximum award is $500 and up to 6 projects can be chosen by the Executive Committee. The Project Leader will report to the Committee Chair regarding progress, in writing, three months after the mini-grant is approved and in writing at the end of the year. The grantees will be asked to give a short presentation on the project at a LandCare meeting. Here’s the link to the procedures and the application and you also also read more about mini grants here.

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