December 14, 2023

School Garden

The School garden project was started in 2020 and is giving kids at Independence Elementary School the opportunity to learn to grow their own food and to taste it and share it with their families. It started with a raised bed garden outside and has grown to include an aeroponic Tower Garden and a traditional hydroponic garden.
All gardens are in highly visible locations and the reach extends beyond the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who have participated in the after-school gardening program.

Donate Now

Here are some ideas of what your donation can provide for the Garden Program.
Any amount is greatly appreciated!

  • $50- purchase garden tools or seeds for a year
  • $150-purchase a storage chest
  • $200-purchase a compost bin
  • $500-purchase perimeter beds, soil, and mulch to complete the outdoor garden
  • $1000- purchase another Grow Tower
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