Save the Pollinator Plan

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), in cooperation with agency stakeholders, developed Virginia’s Voluntary Plan to Mitigate the Risk of Pesticides to Managed Pollinators (also known as the Pollinator Protection Plan) which is part of a national effort by state and federal agencies to help reverse pollinator losses and restore pollinator populations.

VDACS’ Plan is a voluntary, proactive approach which focuses on enhanced communication and coordination between agricultural producers, landowners, pesticide applicators and beekeepers as a means to further protect pollinators. In addition to focusing on communication, the plan provides best practices that can be implemented by beekeepers, commercial applicators and agricultural producers. Virginia’s Plan is not intended to prohibit, eliminate or further restrict the application of pesticides, but rather reduce the risk of pesticide exposure to pollinators when pesticides are used nearby or within their normal foraging range. In all cases, pesticide applications must be made in accordance with the pesticide label and all applicable federal and state pesticide laws and regulations.

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