Welcome 2021!

Friends of Grayson LandCare,

2021 is here at last. We do not have a program scheduled for this month. Providing engaging content via Zoom is a real challenge. I realized just how true this is when I turned down an opportunity to listen to some real garden legends on Sunday afternoons in January. If they can’t lure me to Zoom, I bet I can’t get you to tune in either!

However, Grayson LandCare is still making an impact in our community. Food Independence is feeding around 275 families a month. The Independence Farmers Market is providing fresh, local food to the community and giving an average of 25 vendors a source of steady income. The permaculture group continues to expand the garden at Church of the Good Shepherd. The Free Market has worked with Food Independence and other organizations to continue to get useful items to the community and a new medical item exchange is in the works. We have started work on the school garden at Independence Elementary School. We plan to help expand the Grayson County Fair in August and we have started a new seed library with the library in Independence.

All our projects are a result of passionate members seeing a need and trying to meet it. What are you passionate about? What would you like to see happen in our community? What topics do you want to learn about? Please let us know how Grayson LandCare can best serve you and our community.

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