July meeting at River Ridge Organics Berry Patch

We are excited to visit River Ridge Organics berry patch for our July 19 meeting at 7pm. Jay Dunbar will lead the group on a tour of the berry farm and answer questions on berry cultivation. Who knows, if berries are ripe, he might let us pick a few.

IN CASE OF RAIN- the meeting will be at 3419 Gold Hill Rd. Proceed as to berry patch. Do not turn at bridge, stay straight and turn right a mailbox just across from boat landing.

Directions: Travel west on 58 for approximately 2.5 miles

Take a left onto Battlefield Dr. just past Rixey’s Store which is also on left.

Travel on Battlefield Dr. until you reach a kind of Y- intersection at which you bear left onto Bridle Creek Road and head towards the New River. Go over the river on the low water bridge there at the public boat landing. Take the first dirt driveway at the hay barn on the left just up for the bridge. Follow the road around to the left of the barn and onto the berry patch.

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