Twin County Community Foundation grant benefits School Garden

Grayson LandCare received a Twin County Community Foundation grant to add an indoor “Grow Tower” to complement the existing School Garden Project at Independence Elementary School.  The addition of the state of the art aeroponic growing system will let the students compare and contrast very different ways to grow vegetables.  The original garden is a conventional raised bed system: growing in soil outdoors.  The Grow Tower has its own light system and uses a recirculating nutrient solution that is pumped over the plant’s roots.  The plants are grown in rockwool, an inert fiber made of basalt lava rock and chalk.   It is ph neutral and has lots of air pockets that hold oxygen and moisture.   The Grow Tower will increase gardening activities during the colder months and is very portable so it can easily be wheeled between classrooms to expose more children to this novel way to grow food.

Thanks to the Twin County Community Foundation for supporting this and many other projects in our area!

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