Monthly presentation at Free Market features Clean River Month

Keeping Grayson County Clean is the topic for the Grayson LandCare(GLC) presentation May 16 at 7 pm at the Free Market located at 1173 N. Independence Ave.

Have you wondered what the Free Market is all about?  Who is welcome there? Take the tour and see for yourself. Everyone is welcome to use the Free Market for office supplies, art supplies, and other useful items.  Take some, bring some, but don’t throw perfectly serviceable things away! The primary goal of the Free Market is to keep things out of the landfill. 

In addition, Keith Andrews of the New River Wildlife Club will give an update on the Grayson County Clean River Month Initiative. August was designated as Clean River Month last year. This will include some background on the origins of Clean River Month and will also detail progress and improvements being made to make 2022 an even larger success.  Find out how you can join in to keep the New River healthy for generations to come.

Save the date for the next GLC presentation featuring Neal Kilgore of the Virginia Outdoor Foundation (VOF) on June 20, 7 pm at the Baldwin Auditorium in the 1908 Courthouse in Independence. Mr. Kilgore will discuss using conservation easements to protect forest and farmlands. Created under Virginia’s Open-Space Land Act, in 1966, VOF has over protected over 850,000 acres in Virginia. The Foundation creates easements designed to protect a variety of natural and cultural values, including: Agriculture, Forestry, Natural habitat & biological diversity, Historic preservation, Natural-resource based outdoor recreation or education, Watershed preservation and Scenic open space.
VOF easements are not designed to lock up land or prevent all development. Easement restrictions are crafted that allow land to remain workable and livable for current and future owners.  There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

All Grayson LandCare meetings are free and open to the public. They typically occur the third Monday of the month from 7-8pm and include a brief update on GLC activities and a presentation on topics of local interest.  For more information about these presentation or Grayson LandCare, please contact Michelle Pridgen at 276-768-0597 or [email protected].

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