Hay bale contest gets rolling!

Grayson LandCare is happy to sponsor the annual hay bale contest that helps to advertise the Grayson County Fair. We have 8 entries this year!

#1Hokie Bird – The Hashes

#2 Cash Cow – Skyline Bank Independence

#3 Giddy On Up – Carter Bank

#4 Got Milk? – Cresthaven Farms

#5 Will-Hay Nelson – RPM

#6 Carousel-Becky Rock

#7Ferris Wheel-Nester, Vaughan & Hash-Trimble

#8 Vacation-Skyline Bank-Elk Creek

#9 Camper-Buress & Walls Family

Vote here! https://www.graysoncountyvafair.com/haybale-contest-voting

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