School Garden Update

We are thrilled to have graduated to the 4th and 5th grades after 3 years in the afterschool program. The Independence Elementary School Garden is now part of the 4th and 5th grade curriculum and has been updated, with the help of retired master teacher and elementary school principal Susan Mitchell, to align with SOL requirements. 72 5th graders participated in the program last semester and 48 4th graders will learn basic science and math principals with hands-on re-enforcement in the garden this semester. In addition, they will harvest the crops they plant this year next year as 5th graders. Students have the opportunity to eat fresh produce they grew themselves both in class and at home.

Spinach and strawberries we planted last fall are doing great under row cover and we’ll harvest spinach with the 4th grade when we start the program again February 19th. Interested in learning more about season extension? Join the IFM for 2 gardening classes. Complete info is in this newsletter.

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