Seed Library Open House to be held at Grayson County Public Library Saturday, April 13

The Wythe-Grayson Regional Public Library in Independence and Grayson LandCare are
pleased to announce a free Seed Library Open House from noon to 2pm in the main area of
the Library. Learn how the seed library works, pick up some free seeds and learn how you
can save seeds to bring back to the Seed Library next season. You are welcome to bring
seeds to share and swap if you are already a seed saver. Please make sure your seeds are
labelled and that they are open pollinated or heirloom seeds. Hybrids will not come true
from saved seeds. Help us kick off a new season for the seed library! If you have extra seeds
please consider donating them so that we may continue to grow our community Seed
The Seed library was started in 2021 as seed companies were selling out of seeds due to
increased demand as people began gardening during the pandemic. This year, although
seeds are more available, seed prices continue to rise and many varieties are no longer
available. Saving and sharing seeds is a great way to keep seeds available in our area.
Saving your own seed allows you to select plants that meet your needs. You can choose for
earliness, size, color, taste or growth patterns.  While you will probably not save everything
that you need, or want, you can save a few varieties every year to ensure that you’ll always
have seed. Some cultivars seem to disappear from the catalogs every year to be replaced by
hybrids or patented plants. As long as someone is growing a variety, and saving the seed,
our favorite plants will remain available.
Many heirloom varieties are living history. Most have a story that goes along with the seed.
Some have been passed along in a family, or to friends, for generations. Become part of the
story, or start your own. Many seed savers are starting to save for diversity so that we can
develop new varieties that can adapt to our changing climate, especially the dramatic
fluctuations in temperature.
Please contact Michelle Pridgen at [email protected], 276-768-0597 or the
Library at 276-773-2761 for more information.

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