Grayson LandCare hosts Professor Bill Kavorik

Grayson LandCare is sponsoring a presentation by Bill Kavorik, professor of media history, environmental journalism, media law, and digital imaging at Radford University. He will share a new “Tree of Life” project, joining the arts, humanities and sciences with agriculture along the Southern Appalachians.

Dr. Kavorik’s research is located at the intersection of communications and environmental history. He has worked with the traditional media at the Associated Press, the Baltimore Sun, the Charleston SC Post-Courier, and with columnist Jack Anderson. He has also worked with the environmental press, editing publications such as Energy Resources and Technology, Appropriate Technology Times, and Appalachian Voice. He studied history of media and environment at the University of Maryland, and his dissertation involved media coverage of a preventable environmental disaster — the development of Ethyl leaded gasoline and alternative anti-knock additives.

The presentation will be Monday, June 20th at 7 pm in the Historic 1908 Courthouse auditorium in Independence. This event is free to the public.

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