Free Market – your closet away from home!

It occurred to me the other day that I am using the Free Market in a way I hadn’t realized—as a public “closet” that allows me to NOT save useful things “in case I need them later.”  Many of us are trying to simplify our lives and our homes, getting rid of things that we don’t use, that are duplicates, that “don’t spark joy”, to use the currently popular phrase.  And yet, we don’t want to have to buy something new if something used would do.

I no longer save sturdy boxes or pretty gift boxes.  I no longer have wrapping paper or bags for any occasion.  I no longer save yogurt cups and lids to save leftovers or send them home with guests.  I no longer save bubble wrap and tissue paper.  Why?  Because these things are almost ALWAYS available at the Free Market!  I can find the right-size box to ship a gift to my granddaughter.  I can find wrapping supplies for that baby shower coming up, or a child’s birthday party.  If I’m having a party, I can come and get 15-20 GLASS wine glasses (instead of using plastic), wash and use them, then wash and bring back.  I can pick up a dozen votive candles holders to decorate at Christmas, then bring them back afterward.  I can find two dozen real coffee cups for a big potluck, then wash and bring back.

So let us be YOUR storage space, helping you to avoid disposables without cluttering up your own cabinets.

Written by Kathy Cole, President Grayson LandCare