Visit the Land Stewardship Competition Saturday April 13th!

Come to the Grayson LandCare Land Stewardship contest THIS Saturday, April 13th at the Grayson County High School Cafeteria. You can see the entries between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm and are invited to attend the awards ceremony which will follow the final tabulation of the judging scores.

The competition, which is sponsored by Grayson LandCare and resembles a science fair, encourages our local students to explore real economic, environmental, and social problems facing Grayson County and suggest innovative solutions that can really work in our local communities. Contestants are invited to think creatively about how we can be good stewards of our land and still meet the triple bottom line of sustainability―being economically successful, protecting our environment, and promoting community involvement and well-being. At the fair, students will present their projects to the judges and cash prizes will be awarded to first ($1000), second ($500), and third place ($250) winners along with up to 5 commendation prizes of $50.

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