Happy Thanksgiving

Members and Friends of Grayson LandCare.

2020 has been a challenging year, and it can be hard to feel thankful these days. The best news is that there are only 46 more days left in this year and a vaccine for Covid is on the horizon. I am also very grateful to be a part of this community. It inspires me to see four of our members step up and start a much-needed Food Pantry for our neighbors in Independence and to see other folks step up to volunteer and donate. Continued community support for our Farmers Market vendors has sustained the Market even as we shifted to an On-line Only platform. Folks are still bringing and taking things to and from the Free Market. The permaculture garden continues to expand and flourish. Our sponsors continued to support our work (please note their logos below), and Grayson County and the Twin County Foundation offered additional funding specifically targeting the effects of the pandemic. What else am I thankful for?

  • Janet Braithwaite and Meagan Helmick have agreed to join our board.
  • Our First Online Auction was a success. Cynthia Taylor did a great job making it run smoothly, and thanks to those of you who donated items and services that added to its success. We raised $1666 from auction items, another $845 in memberships, and Food Independence sold 3 Food boxes, 2 months of soup and received an additional $100 donation. The Farmers Market also received a $100 donation.
  • We (especially Kathy!) are excited to welcome Michelle Lintecum, a lifelong resident of Galax with extensive experience and contacts with local media, as the new part time manager of the Free Market. She is eager to improve our outreach into the community and use social media effectively. She also has lots of fun ideas to encourage us to be creative with the things we usually throw away. The Gift Shop was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, so items were distributed via Food Independence and the rest are being distributed during regular Free Market hours.
  • GLC was awarded a $3000 Cares Act grant from Grayson County that was divided between Food Independence(FI), Grayson LandCare general fund, and the Independence Farmers Market (IFM).
  • FI is also applying for another Grayson County grant for non-profits. We are letting them request the entire funding amount as they are in dire need of freezers and other infrastructure. They also received a Twin County Community Foundation mini-grant to help offset the increased demand in Food boxes.
  • IFM received an $11,000 Twin County Community Foundation grant to continue funding the Online market and to help with increased costs related to Covid.
  • You can read everything GLC accomplished, despite the pandemic, in 2020 here: https://graysonlandcare.org/2020/10/2020-achievements/
  • Please be thinking of ways to increase our impact in 2021. I am hopeful that the County Fair will return next year and will offer lots of engagement and volunteer opportunities for the membership and community.

Thank you all for being part of Grayson LandCare. Stay well, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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