November 16th meeting cancelled

The November meeting was to be presentations by our mini-grant winners. Most recipients were unable to complete their projects and their grants were extended to next year.

Kit Marshal did complete the Mural project and I hope you have taken time to admire it. She was able to use Town funds from Downtown revitalization grant. Her award will be used for a corner garden project across HWY 21 from Town Park that will begin in 2021. Great job Kit!

Hap Alexander was the first 2020 mini-grant winner and he put his money to work immediately by purchasing food for the Little Food Pantry in Mouth of Wilson. When Covid started, the early concern was the possibility of infection from surfaces, so the doors were removed. As the pandemic continued and more information became known, the doors went back on, Hap stepped back due to health concerns, and the community stepped up. A local church, neighbors and farmers began helping to keep the Pantry stocked. The Little Food Pantry has become a true community project thanks to the great work Hap put into it’s early development. Thanks Hap!

Nancy Liebretch was hoping to offer scholarships to classes at the Blue Ridge Fiber Fest that was cancelled due to Covid. We hope it will return in 2021.

Mitchell Britt is a restaurant owner in Winston Salem and trying to manage that business during the pandemic took all his time and energy. His grant funding for the orchard project will also be extended.

If you are a member of GLC and want to work on an issue that fits with our mission you can fill out a simple application to ask for a one-time mini-grant from the Grayson LandCare budget. You need to specify expected outcomes, specific goals, and how the money will be used. To date, we have capped these at $500 maximum. The Executive Committee (officers) reviews the applications and votes. The group is also asked to keep the Executive Committee informed of their progress. If you have a great idea you’d like to implement, fill out a mini-grant application and mail it to PO Box 373, Independence VA 24348 or email it to [email protected]. Here’s the link:

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