Save Resources by Shopping at the Free Market!

If you think of the Free Market as a place only for people who can’t afford new items, think again!  Anyone who wants to be more “green” or sustainable in their lifestyle can help the environment by finding used items rather than buying new, thereby saving the raw materials that would be used to make a new one.  For instance, we have HUNDREDS of never-used greeting cards that have been donated.  Instead of shopping at a drug store or dollar store, come here and keep these lovely cards out of the landfill!

We also have GAZILLIONS of beautiful Christmas cards and will be putting these out after Labor Day.  Let us know if you can think of any organizations that can use greeting cards with envelopes.
We are open 10-2 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for shopping and receiving donated items.  We are always looking for a few friendly volunteers, too.  Leave your name and contact information if you are interested or have questions.  

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