The Free Market—Full of Surprises!

A garbage bag of blue plastic tubes?  I was as mystified as you probably are, until the donor contacted me and said she had lots more TREE TUBES if anyone wanted them!  She planted an orchard last year and they are swapping these out for different ones as the trees grow.  If you have ever had a newly-planted tree demolished by deer, you know why these are necessary.  After posting them on Facebook, we found three people who wanted them.
This is the fun of operating the Free Market—we keep many things out of the landfill that someone is thrilled to have, IF we can bring them together.  It’s a bit like an animal shelter, trying to find just the right home for this great but obscure item.  Even while we are closed to the public until this COVID surge calms down, we continue to accept donations, re-organize the shelves, assist agency clients by appointment, and try new ways to improve our services.  We have volunteers there every Tuesday 1-3, and you can always call Kathy Cole at 276-266-1303 if you have questions, ideas, or obscure but wonderful items!

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