The Free Market is a Philosophy

REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE!  We all know the mantra.  And the Free Market is a perfect example of re-using:  Picking up something that still works but someone no longer needed, or turning scraps of paper or fabric into art.  And our volunteers do a lot of recycling of plastic bags, cardboard, and glass; the trash can is our last option.

But we also provide a great way to REDUCE your consumption.  If you haven’t seen The Story of Stuff (, you will enjoy this animated story of how our planet’s finite store of resources are “harvested” and made into all the consumer products we buy and enjoy—and then throw away.  It’s a wonder we have any raw materials left! 


Every time you find something you need or want at the Free Market instead of buying it new, you are saving resources that would have been required to manufacture and ship that new product.  So we are not just a service to low-income families who need to save money; we offer an opportunity to people who care about the environment to do something good!  And if you feel compelled to drop a few dollars into the donation bin, that helps us keep the Market open.  So before you go shopping, stop by the Free Market first and see if we have what you need!  We are open 10-2 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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