Town Park update

For your information, here is the update given to the Independence business owners group in January by Town Manager Laura Ratcliffe.

  1. Town Park Update – We should have a revised grading plan from our engineers next week.  The new plan which was discussed and approved at the December Town Council meeting involves:

                                                    i.      Leaving the current driveway in place.  The only vehicular traffic allowed on the site will be market or festival vendors and Town public works.   We were only able to obtain a VDOT exception on the driveway by agreeing to limit vehicular traffic.

                                                   ii.     The sediment trap will become a permanent part of the stormwater drainage system.  It will be fenced with landscaping.

                                                  iii.     Additional drainage will be added along the pavilion building to eliminate flooding.

                                                  iv.     The pavilion building will have a crushed stone surface, not concerete.

                                                   v.     The driveway and open area between the pavilion and Paddylyax building will be crushed stone.

                                                  vi.     The onsite electrical will be what is provided currently on the panel at the southern end of the pavilion building.  At this time, we are eliminating the electrical inside the pavilion and the food truck electrical.

                                                vii.     There will be a single frost free water source

These changes were made to reduce all costs possible so that the site can be used in 2024.  Once we have the plans back and can determine what can be done in house by Town Public Works and what needs to be done by an outside contractor, we will bid the job.  Town Council voted to not use the Rural Development money to finish this project but is accepting a Virginia Outdoor Foundation grant – $65,000 – which will be used towards the site.

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