March News From The Free Market

St, Patrick’s Day Decorations abound at the Independence Free Market this month.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, things are looking green at The Free Market.There have been no leprechaun sightings to date. We’re rather hoping one will leave a pot of gold on our loading dock!

Speaking of the dock: we have erected two signs in the loading area informing people what items can and cannot be dropped off; this is to mimimize the dumping of unusable and broken items, which continues to be a problem.

Repair Clinic: we are looking for 10 people to sign up for our Repair Clinic. The Clinic will provide an opportunity to get help repairing items that would otherwise be throw out. Examples include lamps that need rewiring, items of clothing that need new zippers/repairs, small motors like lawn mowers and chainsaws that won’t start. If you have a broken item sitting around, please consider signing up for the Clinic. At the moment we have 6 people registered. Once we have full registration we will schedule a date. Let’s get fixing and keep more stuff out of the landfill. 

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