Never fear-the Online Market is still here!

The On-line Market will keep operating right on through the winter until we open( fingers crossed!) the 2nd Friday in May.  Our schedule will stay the same- Fridays from 2-6pm.  We may shorten it to 3-6pm to reduce operating costs. Please let us know if that will cause anyone problems.  There will be a few changes because of the timing of the holidays.  We will have our regular Friday Markets on the Fridays before Thanksgiving and Christmas, November 20th and December 18th.  In addition we will also have a Wednesday Market right before each holiday, November 25 and December 23.

We are holding a holiday raffle of the biggest box of IFM products yet to benefit the Market.  The winner will be announced December 18th.  Tickets are still just $5 and all the proceeds will benefit the Market.  We have not been able to hold most of fundraisers this year so we really appreciate your support and best of luck!

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