Food Independence, A Healthy Two-Year-Old

Food Independence turned two in July! We were adopted in June 2020 when GLC accepted us as an affiliated program and were conceived in March 2020 in a fairly routine four person dinner in Grant. Our first distribution was 90 boxes on July 28,2020. As with most two-year-olds, we learned to walk and talk (not always understandably) a while ago but have recently started running to keep up with the need in our community.  High food and fuel prices have increased demand at food pantries around the country, especially in rural areas similar to Grayson County. Food Independence has distributed 51% more boxes during the first seven months of 2022 than the same period in 2021. We have equaled or exceeded 300 boxes the last three months, about twice as many as we thought we would ever do when we started. It’s nuts. It’s crazy. It’s wonderful!!! That is why we exist! We made good use of earlier grant funding to equip ourselves to handle that demand and save enough money to purchase needed food, at least for a while. We don’t expect to see demand drop for a long time so the need for food and the money to get it, will remain as well. Next month, we will discuss a new “Food Sponsorship” program that lets individuals or businesses sponsor specific food items for a month or more. Buy oranges for Christmas, hot dogs for Independence Day, or taters for any month. Exciting and challenging times provide exciting and rewarding opportunities!  

You can see the line wrapping around the building in the background.

Our next food distribution is on August 23 from 9-11 behind the Mexican Restaurant in Independence. We can use volunteers at distribution and throughout the month. If you want to volunteer at Food Independence, send an email to [email protected] or call/text Jackie Hayter at 910-639-7170.

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