Record Month at Food Independence in October

331 boxes to 700 people (82 children) in 292 households, Oh my!

We expected to set a new record for boxes distributed in November or December but not in October. These are the highest numbers ever and replaced December 2021 as our record high month. That is exciting but also really scary. If this year is like the last two, we should see a 25-50% “holiday bump” in client numbers during November and December! Oh my! That means we can expect to have demand for 400-500 boxes this month and next! Oh my! We will have a nice box for all who show up, except we pre-ordered 350 turkeys at a low price and may have to use smaller, “unturkey” meat near the end. Oh my!

Our clients, who are wonderfully grateful, will be kind and understanding. We will still feel bad when the first car passes through the line and does not get a turkey. We’ll get past Thanksgiving and then turn to refilling the shelves, and freezers, for December!

The opportunity and challenge to provide food assistance to folks in our community is amazing. We never expected to hand out 400-500 boxes but it is exciting and very rewarding for all of us. Thanksgiving is a great time for us to be thankful for being part of Grayson LandCare and to thank the churches, businesses, local governments, schools, organizations and individuals that make this community effort work. Our volunteers and donors are amazing, and numerous for our rural county. They make it happen and are immensely appreciated.

Thank you all for the phenomenal support which allowed us to grow and help fulfill the need for food that we have in our area.  It is a time to be thankful for our community and all in it that help us help others. Happy Thanksgiving!!!   

P.S. We can still use help funding the December distribution. Here are some suggestions of how you can help. Of course, any amount is welcome and helpful!

Holiday meal sponsorship opportunities for December box     

   (Clients also receive smaller regular box of shelf stable products)

                                                                                                           Cost per         25% of Cost/      

                                       Item                                                         Item/month      item/month

  • Ham or turkey – (350 @ $10 ea)                                            $3,500                $875
  • Cranberry sauce – (350 cans @ $1.60 ea)                                  $560                $140
  • Gravy mix – (350 pkgs @ $0.60 ea)                                            $210                   $52
  • Heat and serve rolls – (350 pkgs @ $2.00 ea)                            $700                 $175
  • Dressing/stuffing – (350 pkgs @ $1.20/ea)                                $420                 $105
  • Green beans (700 cans @ $0.60ea)                                            $420                 $105
  • Cream of mushroom soup (350 cans @ $0.90/can)                   $315                   $79
  • Oranges – (700lbs @ $0.80/lb)                                                   $560                 $140
  • White potatoes – (1750lbs @ $0.40/lb)                                      $700                 $175
  • Apple pie filling – (350 cans @ $1.80 ea)                                    $630                 $158
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