It’s Garden season!

It’s time to start the garden season!

Have you tested your soil lately? Get a box and instruction sheet from the Extension office at the Gate Center. When you get your results back, check out the posts on the IFM facebook page on reading your results.

and using the soil calculator:

Make sure to stretch before digging in. Don’t plant your tomatoes outside yet-wait until May 15th( or close to that) I know it’s hard….

It is time, if fact you could’ve started some things back in March with row cover, to plant peas, lettuce, spinach, kale and other hardy greens, onions, leeks, shallots etc.

Maximize your planting space. If you don’t plant something useful, you are just leaving space for weeds! Here’s a video the IFM created to show how to do it.

Happy gardening!

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