Permaculture Updates

What a glorious time of year to work outside together. More rewarding still when our labors are starting to yield results!Pictured here are some of the fruit laden trees in our food forest. Last Saturday, we set sweet potato slips in our annual bed, anticipating another bumper crop to donate to Food Independence in the[…]

Permaculture Garden News

If you regularly drive Rt. 58 through Baywood, you have probably wondered what is happening in the half-acre plot in front of Church of the Good Shepherd.  Five years ago, the church offered to let Grayson LandCare use some of their land as a demonstration garden for permaculture, with the provision that it be used[…]

Cancelled-Field trip to River Ridge Organics

We are looking forward to going to the “Berry patch” at River Ridge Organics.  Jay Dunbar, aka the Berry Guy, will show and discuss how to grow a wide variety of berries suited to our area.  Berries are great for farmer and gardener alike because you get a relatively fast and very tasting return for[…]

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