2023 Highlights

Our annual meeting is also when we celebrate our acheivements for 2023 and look ahead to 2024.

In 2023 the generosity of our donors, support of our volunteers, and active participation of our members enabled Grayson LandCare to continue to provide valuable services to our community. Some of these services included hosting field trips, giving garden tours, educational meetings, contests for youth and adults, tastings, potlucks, and workshops.  By supporting GLC, you allow us to invest in small businesses, and provide a local venue for healthful, local food and crafts to be available in our community at the Independence Farmers Market. Your donations and hours volunteering also supplied an average of over 360 boxes of food to more than 340 households per month through Food Independence, including produce grown from the Permaculture Garden. This year, some of the food donated and distributed at Food Independence was from local farms because of a grant from the Twin County Community Foundation. The Free Market was also able to keep an estimated 35 tons of material from being tossed into our landfill, and they continued to provide valuable medical equipment and household goods to those in our community—all free of charge. The Independence Elementary School Garden taught local children how to garden and sent them home with produce they grew themselves.

As Grayson LandCare looks forward to 2024, we are envisioning ways we can be more responsive to the needs and desires of our community through the strength of our membership and the diversity of our projects.

In community,

Meagan and Michelle

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