Thank You!

It’s the time of year when we look back on what we have accomplished with generosity of our donors and support of our volunteers and members. You can find our annual report here. A brief summary includes: hosting field trips, garden tours, meetings, contests, tastings, potlucks and workshops.  Supporting small businesses and providing a venue through the Independence Farmers Market to make healthy, local food and artisan crafts available to the community. Food Independence supplied an average of 363 boxes of food to 343 households per month which included some local food thanks to a grant form the Twin County Community Foundation. The Free Market kept an estimated 35 tons of material from the landfill and providing medical equipment and household goods free of charge. The School Garden Project continues to teach local children how to garden and sends them home with produce they grew themselves. The Seed Library makes locally adapted seeds available for free in partnership with the WytheGrayson Regional Library. As we look forward to 2024, we are envisioning ways, with your help, to make Grayson LandCare more responsive to the needs and hopes of our community through the strength of our membership and the diversity of our projects.

Thank you for helping to make Grayson LandCare what we are today and we look forward to a vibrant future with your continued support. You can make a donation or join GLC here.

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